OUR MOTTO :      C.A.R.E       Christ-like      Attitude       Respect       Excellence



The school has a discipline plan which was apply to all students. Parents will be given more information on these processes during our ‘hui’ at the start of term 1. Our aim is to use positive methods to correct inappropriate conduct. However, we need parents to form a partnership with the staff to have the best possible outcomes for the students.


Our Special Character will have a strong impact on the discipline within this school.


i)             A discussion or note to the parents of the offender.

ii)            A stand down and suspension process will begin if necessary.


Bullying is not acceptable at any school, but being a Special Character school it is even more unacceptable, as it is against the whole Christian ethos.

We desire to have a safe, emotionally secure environment for our students.


There are 4 characteristics of bullying

·         Bullying is deliberate

·         Bullying involves a power imbalance

·         Bullying has an element of repetition

·         Bullying is harmful

Students at our school are encouraged to show respect to each other (C.A.R.E)

There are five main layers that we use to prevent bullying:

    -Managing self

    -Relating to Others

    -Participating and contributing

These are used to encourage empathy and are integrated into most areas of the Curriculum

-       Relationships with other people

-       Healthy Communities and Environments