OUR MOTTO :      C.A.R.E       Christ-like      Attitude       Respect       Excellence


Our Special Character requires equity in the way people are treated, we are all brothers and sisters in God’s eyes. It is therefore, the responsibility of the school to endeavour to have each pupil receive educational opportunities that maximise their learning potential.  If the pupil for any reason; is denied this opportunity, then it will be the pupil’s basic right to receive extra instruction and assistance to re-dress this imbalance.  Special programmes and resources will be offered as finances are made available.

Pupils are not to be disadvantaged in any area of the curriculum due to financial, religious, ethnic, cultural, physical or social reasons.

The Board of Trustees will approve policies and programmes that comply with our Charter statement on meeting special needs. 

The Principal has been delegated responsibility by the Board of Trustees for:

                        a) Identifying pupils that require a special programme

                        b) Co-coordinating suitable programmes within available agencies

                        c) Assessing the resource and staffing needs

                        d) Monitoring and evaluating the programmes

The planned programmes and resources will be submitted to the Board of trustees for approval.

The parent/s or caregiver/s of pupils who require a special programme will be informed and consulted regarding action to be taken.

The teaching staff will be fully involved in all aspects of the special needs programmes and will be provided with opportunities to participate in the appropriate training.

Full use will be made of the Special Education Services department of the New Zealand Board of Education.