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The following are the procedures to follow when seeking admission to the school.

1. Complete the Waitakere SDA School Enrolment Form and collate with the required documents:

2. Enrolment Form 2024.pdf

2. Read the Payment Schedule 2024 document.

(Primary section only for WSDA School)

8. Payment Schedule 2024.pdf

3. Complete the "Our Commitment to Pay Attendance Dues in 2024" form.

7. Commitment to Pay 2024 blank.pdf

4. Complete the "Payment Plan Application 2024" form if you plan to pay by installments

9. Payment Agreement Form 2024.pdf

5.  Complete and sign the Cybersafety Agreement

4. Cybersafety-Chromebook Agreement 2024.pdf

6.  Check the stationary requirements for your child(ren).

Stationery List 2024.pdf

7.  Read our Non-preference Enrolment Policy.

Website Enrolment Statement.pdf

9.  Arrange an appointment with the School Principal, Ms. Rosalina Fautua.

You can do this by emailing your completed enrolment forms and documentation to admin@waitakeresda.school.nz, or by bringing the forms into reception and booking an appointment in person.

For any queries, please contact admin@waitakeresda.schoo.nz in the first instance, or call (09) 836 6330.